#40daysoflight: namaste

This morning was one of those mornings where if anything could go wrong, it did:  I had the time wrong for a meeting and therefore got a call after I was 15 minutes late asking "where was I?", so I threw on some clothes and threw Alex in the car (because she's on spring break and had to come with me) and started racing toward my meeting, only to be brought to a complete standstill by an accident that had the entire road blocked, etc., etc., etc ....

... but my meeting went well, and afterwards, Alex (who above all, is ever-patient, especially with her frantic mother) and I went to one of my favourite restaurants to catch our breath before continuing on with our day.  

Hope your week started out less frenetic, but equally happy, friends.  

(Incidentally, because apparently I like a little drama, I think I may be playing around with a new site design over the next few days.  So please bear with me, if you see a few changes around here!)