#40daysoflight: this was a good week (too)

This was a good (albeit whirlwind) week, because:

•  I'm back home safely from a cross-country trip, and being back home safely after air travel is always something I celebrate.

•  Dos amigos en Barcelona, sitting on a sunny balcony, sipping on cerveza, sketching.  Tell me you wouldn't love to be there doing the same, right now.

•  The largest Rubik's Cube in the world, maybe.  Because why make something difficult, when you can also make it unwieldy?

•  After sharing Intersections on the blog a while back, I've been really intrigued by Muslim artistry.  So needless to say, these ceilings of Iranian mosques have blown my ever-loving mind.  So amazing.

•  My friend Addye has opened a shop to sell her original paintings, and I'm loving it.  ("Core Feelings" just slays me dead.)

•  Translucent whales.  My heavens, these sculptures are beautiful.

•  Steve McCurry and his portraits, man.  They slay me dead every single time. (I actually have his Afghan Girl With Green Shawl hanging in my office.)

•  And finally, today's soundtrack:  Layla, by Eric Clapton, the acoustic version.  Because it's always been my favourite.  (Plus, I kind of love its scandalous backstory.)

Click here, or on the image below, to listen.


Have a great weekend, friends.