this was a good week: introducing the thrive a/v journaling club!

Friends, this was a great week, because I've been working on something I'm really excited about -- something that I'm going to share with you today.

For the last couple of years, I've offered an online journaling course to help participants (including myself) start the new year with positive, perspective and outlook.  It was called CREATE, and it's always been fun to host ... but this year, I wanted to do it a bit differently:

1)  Because my word for 2015 is THRIVE, I wanted to launch a project that would carry me through the year -- not just the first 4 weeks of the year, and then stop until the following year.  I wanted to create something that was more seasonal.

2)  I wanted to create something that included a bit more of me -- so that when participants sat down to do the prompts, they would feel my presence with them a bit more.

3)  I wanted to create something that, despite being online, would also include something tangible -- something that participants could hold in their hands, as a memento of the experience.

And so, after doing a bit of  introducing the Thrive A/V Journaling Club!  Similar to the two previous years, the winter session of this ecourse is a 4-week, online community with guided meditations and journaling prompts to help you reflect on the previous year, and help guide you to your best intentions for the new year.  However, unlike any previous ecourses I've ever offered, there are two additional elements to this one:

•  an audio element, where, in addition to the private community and emails that are sent each day, the journal prompts will be sent in the form of audio recordings of my voice -- the recordings might just be me sharing my thoughts, or a meditation, or even reading a relevant passage.  The idea is that you can listen to my words while sipping a cup of tea, and right before writing in your journal; and

•  a visual element, where at the beginning of each week, I'll mail, directly to your home, a small, signed photograph, including a quote or relevant words -- you can use the photograph as an element of an art page in your journal, or pin them to an inspiration board.

Fun, right?

I'm hoping to offer these seasonally, but for now, the registration for the winter session is now open.  I'd love if you'd join me; also, if you'd like to purchase a registration for someone else as a gift, simply put their email and snail mail address in the registration form that pops up when you hit "add to cart."  They won't get any emails from me prior to Christmas, so you secret will be safe with me.

I hope you'll join me, friends.  This is going to be so much fun.  

Click here to register. registration closes december 31st, 2014.


And on that happy note, here's one more good thing:  Marcus, Alex and I are headed north for the holidays today.  But I'll definitely be around next week, so until then, friends, have a wonderful weekend.