a habit of celebration


After an insanely busy day yesterday, I met Marcus for a quiet glass of wine and dinner.  It was his birthday.

While my day was crazy, Marcus' was easy, since he took the day off work.  I've always envied him this -- when I was an employee, I never had the guts to simply take the day off on my birthday.  I think it's awesome that he has done this every year since I met him.   Every year.   And he tells me that he has done this all his life, never missing a year.

Such a good lesson, man.  Here's to making a habit of celebration.. 



Song:  No diggity by Blackstreet, featuring Dr. Dre.  There was a guitarist at the restaurant where we ate dinner, and he did an acoustic version of this song.  He was a good musician, and his version was interesting, but the original is infinitely better.