a photography resolution, of sorts (3/365)


This week I was looking through the winners of the 2012 photoblog awards as well as the images of 2011's mobile photography awards and becoming seriously intimidated.  It occurred to me that it has probably been at least a year since I really pushed myself to produce better and better images, and I feel like I've become somewhat complacent with my photography.  If last year was my Year of the Hasselblad, then this year, I think, needs to be my Year of Upping My Photography Game, no matter what camera I use. 

I hoping my little #photo365* project will help me do that.  And while I won't be sharing each project photo here every day, I will be doing so on my Flickr page.  If you do check in over there, please keep in mind that this project is more about quantity over quality, which means that I don't guarantee that the shots that show up in that project to be consistently good -- but hopefully it will help me what I need to work on, you know?  And of course, the shots where I'm trying new things, I'll share them here, and let you know what I'm going for.

(I also love Brian's comment about his iPhone being his "photographic sketchbook" -- a great way to look at it, and I may use that to frame how I use my own, as well.)

As I ease into 2013, I have a nagging suspicion that this year is going to be one of creative transition for me, and as yet, I'm not entirely sure what that means.  I'm excited about it though -- there's nothing like being open to exploration and see what it brings you.  Here's to making interesting happen, yes?

*  If you're interested in doing your own #photo365, it's not too late -- no one says that your project has to start on the first of the year, after all!  I shared my tips and tricks for how to begin here -- happy clicking, friends.

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