a practice of mindfulness


I've talked before about how my photography, in many ways, is sort of a meditation practice -- one I use to stop, breathe, and look for beauty around me.  Even if it's just to snap a pic of a little chalk heart.

I was thinking that I was lucky that I made a living by doing something that inspired mindfulness, and how impossible it would have been for me to do so when I was practicing law.   But it turns out I was wrong.

There's a new movement in the legal profession to promote mindfulness in the practice of law.  I wrote about it on the LIME blog, and you should go take a look -- it's pretty interesting stuff.  But it got me wondering:

How do you guys meditate? Do you meditate in a traditional way, or in an unexpected way,  like through a hobby, or a sport?  And if you do, have you noticed any direct impact on the way you do your job, or parent, or otherwise work?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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