and the winner is ...


... bésame mucho!

You guys are so awesome -- thanks so much for weighing in on my new glasses from Rivet & Sway yesterday!  At first, Rizzo had a strong lead (and I have to admit after seeing the photographs of myself in them, I was leaning toward them myself), but by the end of the day, Bésame Mucho had pulled well ahead. (Poor Faster Pussycat got barely any votes at all -- and I don't blame you, the frames were waaay too small for my freakishly large head.)  Since I really was having a hard time choosing between the first and last options, I'm happy to take your advice and have Rivet & Sway send me readers in the Bésame Mucho.  (Admission:  at the end of the year, I'll probably be returning to my eye doctor for a check-up, and if he decides that it's time for a prescription, I'll buy the Rizzo's for myself, so I can have them both.) 

Anyway, yes, thanks for your help in choosing the frames.  But I want to thank you for something else, too.

I mentioned last month that turning 45 was a bit of a struggle for me, and to be honest, the fact that my eyes were starting to stray from their otherwise steadfast 20/20 course had a lot to do with it.  (I'm still in a bit of denial about it, actually.)  And while Rivet & Sway made the process of getting my first readers incredibly easy (thanks so much, R&S), you guys, with your advice and your comments yesterday, made it lighthearted and, surprisingly, fun.  You made everything seem like no big deal, like I was buying a new pair of shoes or a pair of jeans or any other accessory.  You made needing glasses seem awesome.  So I'm especially grateful.

Thank you.

And incidentally, in the event you are (or your favourite woman is) in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses, I talked Rivet & Sway into putting together a discount code so that you can order your own pair(s)!  Simply enter SWAYYOURWAY to get 10% off of the total amount of any order you place between now and October 31st.  This, happily, gives you a lot of time to use the free try-on service, and even consult with the lovely Ritzy for style advice.  So thanks so much John, Ritzy and everyone at Rivet & Sway -- I'm so grateful for my new reading glasses, and for treating my readers so wonderfully.  I really think you're onto something with your wonderful organization.

* * * * * * * *

And now (speaking for gratitude), it's time for some housekeeping -- I have been sorely irresponsible with sharing my writing over at Bliss Your Heart.   Isn't that awful? I've been writing, but not sharing.  So to catch you up, here's what I've said all month long:

•  At the beginning of the month, I was thinking a lot about blogging, and putting good on the internet instead of drama, and how important that is to me.  I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned that someone told her that looking at her happiness online made that person feel bad about her own life.  This prompted me to write a post in defense of gratitude -- and why I'll likely continue to share the good as often as I can on my own blogs.

•  Later in the month, I talked about how having Alex away from us for a week was blissful -- and horrible.  I think I've had a glimpse of what it's going to be like when she leaves home as an adult.

•  Then, I talked about Alex and I creating vision boards for the beginning of the school year -- a practice that has become an annual tradition.

•  And finally, yesterday, I talked about finding gratitude in the everyday.  This, I believe is the key to a happy life, no lie.

And with that, have a great weekend everyone.  It's Labor Day weekend here in the United States, so if you're going to be celebrating, have fun and stay safe, friends.

(And again, thank you.)

SongBésame mucho, as performed by Andrea Bocelli