at what point do i get to call myself an "urban farmer"?

Status, Day 16:

  • there are tons of little carrot sprouts
  • there are officially 10 asparagus bean sprouts
  • the mint's going crazy
  • the pepper plant has gotten huge (at least, I think it's a pepper plant -- it might be a weed)
  • tomato plants have tripled in size -- and there's one tiny little green tomato!

I enjoy the solitude of watering the beds daily, and I live in fear of caterpillars (because the first time I see one, I will freak out, and Marcus will have to take care of it).  Seeing the sprouts pop through the earth is thrilling; however, I'm a little irritated that the bean plants aren't big enough yet to start climbing the poles, to say nothing of the fact that I have yet to eat a single vegetable from my garden.

In other words, so far, so good.