chookooloonks wild west road trip/film friday: big bend national park, redux


Since I was going into a canyon, naturally I had to take my Hasselblad with me, to tap into my inner Ansel Adams.  

(Except of course, my camera is a medium format camera, and he used a large format camera.  Also, my film was colour, and he used black and white. )

(Oh, and he was a prodigious talent, and I'm, well, decidedly not.)

Okay, maybe Ansel Adams is a bit of a reach.  But nonetheless, I figured it would be fun to see what the Hassie would do with this beautiful scenery.  Here are the results. 


 (Is it me, or does the canyon just seem more majestic on film?)

And that, friends, is the end of our Wild West Road Trip; next week I'll mercifully return you to our regularly scheduled Chookooloonks.  Thanks for indulging my stories, and have a great weekend!