bonus shots: a new toy


About 8 months ago, Marcus and I broke my wide-angle lens.*  Since that time, every time I've traveled somewhere where I knew I'd want a wide-angle, I've rented it from these guys (who are awesome, by the way), and it's worked out well.

However, I have a few trips coming up in the next few months that I know I'm going to want to shoot with a wide angle (more on those soon!), so today I decided to bite the bullet, go to my favourite camera shop, and buy a new wide-angle lens of my own.  I had a budget in mind, but honey, I blew right through that. 

I was a bad, bad girl.

After I got home, I asked Alex if she would go outside with me and be my subject while I played with the lens a bit.  She obliged (God help me when she finally decides helping her mother play with her camera is a pain.  I'll be sunk).  The shots on this post are a couple of my favourites from about an hour ago.


Oh yeah. I'm in love.

*  If you're wondering how two people can break a camera lens, it's easy, really:  one person carelessly drops the bag the lens is in from the airplane overhead bin directly to the airplane floor (me), and the other person exclaims "I can fix it!" and promptly makes it worse (Marcus).  See? Simple! **

**  Arrrrrgh.

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