busy as a ...


Life at the end of the month is always crazy insane for me, and this month seems to be twice as crazy.  But it's all good:  in amongst all the meetings I get to be extra creative, so I've nothing to complain about.

Still, I'm going to take a day, and be back on Friday.  In the meantime:

-  On April 1st, the latest issue of gratitude.2012 goes out, and this month, we're going to be talking about aperture.  Are you in?

-  Love what this teacher had to say about recording your life and leaving a legacy.  

-  I had a meeting with my publisher yesterday, and found out that my book, The Beauty of Different, is now available on Kindle - I'm officially an e-author!  (Note:  for best results, use your Kindle Fire or Kindle app. There are lots of colour photographs in this baby!)

-  I'm loving the beautiful businesses who have sponsored Chookooloonks by purchasing ad space (shown to the right) -- these are exactly the kinds of organizations I can get behind.  If you have a business, website, product or service that you think the readers of Chookooloonks would like to know about (ie., in your own way, you're working to help make the world a better place), then please, feel free to contact me.  (Note -- for the monthly of April only, a graphic ad is only $50 -- regular $75!)

And finally, for my song today: Wait It Out, by Imogen Heap.  I've been a fan of Heap's for a few years now, and while I own the album that this song is on, I love this stripped down version she performed for TED:

See you Friday, friends.