desperately seeking columns

Last week, an article by humourist Dave Barry -- about how hard his parents used to party when he was a kid -- came across one of my social media feeds.  I remember seeing the headline and knowing that I wanted to read it at some point; irrationally, instead of bookmarking it in my browser, I printed it out, and read the hard copy on my couch a few days later.

I enjoyed it, so  I read it to Marcus later -- and then I realized that I miss reading columnists.  I'd forgotten how much I loved Dave Barry.  And Mitch Albom.  And Gail Collins.  And even Erma Bombeck, back in the day.

I realize most of these writers still write, but I don't read newspapers anymore.  Also, I remember that back when I first started blogging, I thought that bloggers were going to be, essentially, the next generation of columnists:  that the really good ones would become famous for their long-form, insightful and incisive observations.  

I also find it interesting that when I wanted to read this long article, I automatically printed it out -- I tend to expect my online reading to be short, pithy, before I move on to something else.  But if I tend to only read long-form on paper, I don't read papers anymore, and I expect my online reading to take 2 minutes or less ...

... well.  Maybe it's time for me to be a bit more patient online, and keep seeking long-form, insightful and incisive observations.  Even if it means my printer is going to end up getting a workout.