finding peace


While I'm certainly thrilled for all the excitement that December holds for me and my family, I can see it coming:  the sudden overwhelm that flies in out of nowhere, because I've been doing way more than is reasonable, telling myself (a little louder than appropriate) "I can handle it! I can handle it!" over and over until I'm suddenly felled by fatigue and a bad attitude.

Just me?

Anyway, even though right now I'm holding out fine, in the spirit of deep breaths and calm thoughts everywhere,  I thought I'd make an effort to share images and words here between now and Christmas that are particularly focused on peace.

Because I suspect that we could all use a few minutes of quiet time this month, no matter how exhilarating the days may be.

(Hang in there, friends.)


Song:  Peace train by Yusuf Islam

"Just the fact that you get to live and breathe and interact with the world -- that's pretty marvelous."

~  Junot Diaz