flying, tico-style*

Today's our last full day in Costa Rica -- we leave tomorrow -- and it has been amazing so far.  The kids have tackled everything with enthusiasm, from working with the kids, to trying new foods, to embracing new adventures.  I still haven't had much of an opportunity to get out and explore the city or countryside, since our schedules are pretty jam-packed.  But yesterday, for a bit of a mid-week break, we took the kids up Barva volcano, to go ziplining in the canopy.

As you can see from the expression on my friend Kim's face, above, it was a pretty amazing time.**

Today is another full day at the school, followed by dinner tonight with the Episcopal Bishop and another youth group from Dallas who is also visiting.  Then time to go back to the boarding house where we're staying, and pack up.

More next week, friends.  Have a wonderful weekend.


*  Tico (tica) is the colloquial expression for a Costa Rican.  It's just a lot easier to say then the official word, "costaricense."

**  I didn't actually go on the zipline because (I'm not crazy) I had to photograph the kids.  But I'm sure I'll be back -- but next time, with Marcus and Alex.  They would love it.