photo by marcus

photo by marcus

As you probably know by now,  I'm all about curating happy in my life; and so, every year I try to do something special for myself for my birthday.  After all, I figure there's no time better than my birthday to make sure something awesome happens.

This year, I decided I wanted to celebrate by having a full-on, professionally-done mehndi.   I'll share the story of how this came about in a couple of days; but for right now, I'll just give heartfelt thanks to the truly lovely Soniya of The Original Henna Company here in Houston.  You do positively stunning work.

In other news, thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes yesterday!  Since my birthday is actually today, it's time for my birthday wish:  I wish all of you a day of joy today, because nothing would make me happier than knowing you're all having a great day.  In fact, my wish is that you all curate a bit of happy in your own lives:  spend time today with a dear friend, get yourself a massage, or do something that otherwise makes you happy.  And if you share what you're going to do for yourself in the comments, it will make my day.

For example, you should spring for a dark chocolate truffle!  Man, I love dark chocolate truffles

Have a great day, friends. 


story of the day:  act your age from

"His hair was hennaed and he was sporting a comb-over.

His shirt was a button down, his khakis pleated in front, his loafers sturdy and brown. The ladies denied his requests to dance, delivered while he shook his not too generous but still present belly, his arms raised over his head. He was out with his buddies having a harmless good time, catching some quirky live music at a place recommended by his cousin, or some such thing.  An older guy, I pegged him in his late forties, early fifties.

And then, my brain screeched to a halt. 'Oh, shit,' I thought, 'that guy is my age.'" (read more)



Song:  Love on top by Beyoncé.  Just because this song is pure joy