good things: registration for the spring path finder (and more!) is now open


Well, I don't know about you, but Alex had a whale of a weekend.  We've been celebrating her 8th birthday for the last 3 days straight, culminating in one of the biggest adventures of her life (a clue to which is above).  I'll tell you all about that tomorrow; however, today, a bit of business.  I'm thrilled to announce -- at long last! -- the following:

Registration for the Spring 2012 session of the Chookooloonks Path Finder is now open!  Late last year, I launched this 5-week online course as a creative way to figure out what lights you up, and help you discover your own beautiful Different.   I can't tell you how much I enjoyed leading this course:  the participants, from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and walks of life, lent so much diversity to the experience, that honestly, it was transformative for me just to be a part of it.  The meditations and exercises in this course mirror exactly the meditations and exercises I used to transform my life from practicing law to what I do now, and gratefully, I received a lot of positive feedback from those who were a part of it last year;  for example, this, from a prior student:

Thank you Karen from the bottom, top and middle of my heart.  Life changing moments are generally realized after they have happened.  This was a life changing five weeks -- it just got better and better as we went along.  You are an amazing teacher/leader and I am very grateful to have been in your class.  With your help, I'm on my way to awesome.  — Jill Finger

As we approach spring, the traditional season for renewal, I thought it was the perfect time to re-launch the course.  Click here to learn more, and click here to register. I'd love if you joined us.  Class begins March 26th.

Gratitude.2012 has recently gone through a transformation.  What started out at the beginning of the year as a monthly email, with meditations and tips and tricks to help improve your photography, has turned into an exclusive monthly online magazine that you can scan online and download -- and I can't tell you how excited I am about the new format.  Here's a sneak peak:


The very best part is that the monthly subscription fee is still only US$ 5/month, and 40% will still be donated to Kiva, an organization which helps alleviate poverty all over the world.  (To date, over US$ 700 has already been donated on behalf of gratitude.2012 subscribers, which in my opinion, is nothing to sneeze at.)

So if you'd like to begin an intentional gratitude practice, join a community of people who are learning about photography, receive monthly meditations and tips on how to improve your photographic skill and help fight poverty in the process, please click here to read more about gratitude.2012 and subscribe.  You can join or cancel at any time, and if you sign up now, you'll be in time for the April 2012 issue.  And as always, I'd love to have you.

Song:  Live your life by Yuna