grabbing calm where i can

This season, I've made a terrible mistake.  Even though I generally love Christmas and the weeks leading up to it, this year I've overcommitted.  I have so much going on, and so much to do (not the least of which is to FINISH WRITING A BOOK I STILL HAVE ABOUT 250 PAGES TO GO OH MY GOD), that instead of really settling into the season, I'm finding myself spinning like a top, not knowing where to begin.

So. Baby steps.

Tomorrow I've got a quick day trip to Atlanta (literally there and back), and after that, I'm dedicating the next 10 days to book-writing.  I'm hoping that if I make a serious dent in those 250 pages, I'll feel a little less frantic about the season.

In he meantime, I'm grabbing moments of calm where I can.  Tons of mugs of tea.  Listening to calming Christmas music.  Staring at our crazy tree in the afternoon light.

Here's wishing you your own moments of calm, too.


Soundtrack:  All that I want by The Weepies.