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Look, everyone!   I made a bean sprout!

Look, everyone! I made a bean sprout!

March was wonderful -- there was travel, I had several talks that I gave.  I love it when my calendar is filled with things I love to do.  However, for the first time in a month,  I have two weeks before me with nothing on my agenda. 

This is a gift.

I have promised myself that I'm going to use the next two weeks to work exclusively on Lime Retreats, which I'd like to officially launch mid-April.  For this reason, during this time I'm going to scale back on writing here on Chookooloonks, turning it into an old-school photoblog -- I'll continue sharing photographs every day, but probably not so much with the words (although I'll continue to do This Was A Good Week on Fridays -- there's just too much awesome on the internet, and life generally, not to share).  I could, of course, go completely silent here while I work, but I find that often photography helps me get out of my head when I get too bogged down, so I'd like to keep up my practice of shooting daily (and as a result, you'll probably glean what my current state of mind is with every day's post!).  And of course, I'll continue to update Instagram and Facebook, if you want a more real-time experience of what's going on.

One more thing, before I go -- I had been meaning to add a Trinidad & Tobago gallery to Chookooloonks for years, and this past weekend, I finally got around to it, using photographs that I took almost 3 years ago.  (Three years.  It's time to go back, man.)  I hope you enjoy them.

And on that note, friends, we'll talk again on Friday (although, again, I'll share photos with you daily in my absence).  Hope you're having a great week!