#hasselbladfriday, roll #19: the roll-of-pointless-images edition


So I mentioned yesterday that this week I picked up my Hasselblad for the first time in months, and discovered that I had some partially exposed film still in the camera.  I also mentioned that I used up the rest of the film and took it in to be developed.


You know how back in the olden days, you'd sometimes stumble across a roll of film that you hadn't developed yet, and had no memory of taking any pictures using that roll, so you take it to be developed just to see what's on it, and what returns is a series of photographs that make no sense whatsoever?

Okay, so that's clearly what's going on here.  Other than the shots that I took this week, I have no idea when I took the earlier photos on this roll of film, or more importantly, why I took the earlier photos on this roll of film.  But, by God, I promised you I'd share the results, and so I well.  Bless your hearts.

So first up is the picture above of a mushroom in our back garden.  I do not know why I took a picture of a mushroom in our back garden.  We get them all the time when it rains, so it's not like it was some sort of magical mushroom that suddenly appeared from some foreign land.  Moreover, though I love eating mushrooms, mushrooms-in-the-wild sort of freak me out (latent fear of poisoning from stories of my childhood, I'm thinking).  So why I was moved to get on the ground and take a picture of a random mushroom is beyond me.

But I did, and now, by gum, I've shared it with you, my friends. You're welcome.


This is a photograph of a lime on our lime tree in our back garden.  For the record, this is the single and only lime that our lime tree produced this year.  So for that reason, I suppose it makes sense that I would want to capture the event on film for posterity's sake.


This is the back of my daughter's head.



This is a bowl of bananas.

(Oh, like you don't take pictures of bowls of bananas? Please.)


Rufus, in desperate need of some grooming.  (He has since been groomed.)

So yes, I'm not sure what I was ingesting when I took these shots (maybe that mushroom?), but there you have them.  The following shots are the ones I took this week, just around the house, just to use up the film.  My lesson learned:  notice how grainy they are -- it was almost dusk when I took them, so there wasn't much natural light around (and, of course, there's no adjusting ISO on a film camera -- I was stuck with the 400).  So note to self:  stick to tons of natural light with the Hassie and the 400 film, even when shooting random stuff.


Our stockings, hung by the chimney with care.


Our Christmas tree.  The decorations make about as much sense as these photographs.


A close-up of our holiday voodoo doll of love.

Oh, like you don't have a holiday voodoo doll of love?  Please.

(Have a great weekend, everybody.)

SongCome together by The Beatles.  Because, admittedly, these pictures make about as much sense as the lyrics to this song.