i wonder (a mother/daughter collaboration)

Angela stood wrapped in her fleece coat, and listened to the wind.  

"I wonder ..." she thought.

She turned and closed the door.  She walked toward the fruit bowl and took an apple.  She ate a bite, and looked at the jagged marks caused by her teeth.

She went back outside.  The wind whipped her face, and she clutched her coat tighter.

She decided it was too cold, and went inside to sit by the fire, and watch T.V.

"I wonder ..." she thought.

By Alexis Jennings

Right before we left for England, on a whim, Alex decided she wanted to write as short a story as possible.  She wrote the above, and shared it with me.  I loved it so much, I asked her if I could photograph my interpretation of it, and share both my photograph and her work with you.  She agreed, so while we were in Cornwall, my niece, Ellie, kindly acted as my model.