it's houston hot


These days Houston might be a hot, humid, insanely sticky city, but God bless it, it's my  hot, humid, insanely sticky city.


(Incidentally, today, Wednesday, August 7th, I plan on cooling down over at the Four Seasons hotel around 6 p.m., hanging out with Fred Goodall at BlogaHouston -- and we'd love if you'd join us!)


I just got word that the event tonight is now free.  So just show up at the Four Seasons this evening at 6 -- hope I see you there! 


song/story of the day:  the following 5-minute video.  Because if there's one thing that's always cool in Houston, it's NASA.  And the following video, a time lapse sequence shot from the International Space Station during August - October 2011, is beautiful evidence of how gorgeous our planet is (even if some parts of its surface during those months are decidedly sticky and sweaty).

My favourite parts are the aurora borealis and the thunderstorms. 

Enjoy.  It's positively meditative.