it's summertime

Today is the first official day of Alex's summer break, but there's no rest for the weary:  as I type this, she's at the very first of her summer camps, a poetry slam camp.  She's never done anything like this before, so when I dropped her off this morning, I think she felt a bit out of her element; but she's a writer and she wants to be a performer, so I think it'll be good for her to stretch.  (Plus, as I drove into the parking lot, she saw another camper walking into the building with a Panic! at the Disco t-shirt, and she said, "Mom, I have found my new best friend."  So I think she'll be fine.)

In the meantime, I'm in full-on creative mode here, back at home:  I'm working on a new little photo meditation offering that should be up soon -- a little way to jump-start a photography-based gratitude practice, and get more comfortable using your camera in the process.  It's going to be fun, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Time to get back at it.  Just wanted to wish you a happy Monday, friends.  Lots of goodness coming soon.


Soundtrack:  Starry-eyed surprise by Paul Oakenfold