beauty all around: just checking in


I've been so busy trying to complete tons of writing assignments lately, that I feel like I've been neglecting you!  So I thought maybe during times like this, I'll occasionally just share a few photos showing what I've been up to, so you can see that my absence isn't about slacking.  Much.

For example, above, my neighbour's redbud trees are starting to bloom.  They're my favourite trees in Houston when they do, because there are generally no leaves, all blossoms.  So odd, right?


Our lime tree is also in bloom -- flowers everywhere, actually.  Last year there were flowers, and it produced exactly one lime.  I'm hoping that it's going to put a bit more effort into it.  My future rum punches are counting on it, man.


Also, this week, I've continued work for my new book, including taking photographs of  -- get this -- a goat farm

  "What up?"

"What up?"

This experience requires a post all of its own, which I promise I'll get to next week, but I couldn't resist giving you a sneak peek.  I officially love goats, man.  They're so awesome.

I also took a photograph of apple juice in a mason jar.  What?


And then finally, tomorrow I leave for Dallas to take the very first photography workshop I've ever taken in my life.  (I'm really quite nervous about it, but I figure spring as as good a time as any to scare myself a little.)  The course requires we bring a list of equipment, and one of the things I didn't have was a wireless remote shutter release (basically a remote control for the shutter on my camera, used for when any movement you make -- including squeezing the shutter -- could result in camera shake; also, great for self portraits, I hear).  I bought one this week, and the photo below is the first shot I took with it, to make sure it works.

  What, you don't find my living room coffee table riveting? Man.  Tough crowd.

What, you don't find my living room coffee table riveting? Man.  Tough crowd.

So that's what's been going on.  What about you?  Anything fun and exciting going on in your lives?  Bonus points if you share the links to images of beautiful moments going on in your life in the comments, below.

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