life is insane with lots of awesome


It's spring break right now for everyone in my house but me.  Alex is off of school, and even Marcus took time off of work, but I have currently entered the busiest part of my year thus far, and have been working furiously.

No worries, it's all good.  I'm making my art, so I'm really enjoying life right now.  My days feel like these images that I shot of falling water for my book this week -- all busy, and maniacal, and unpredictable, but decidedly awesome.  A bit splashy (is that a thing? "Splashy" days? Days with good, "splashy" moments?  Maybe not)  There's also the possibility of becoming seriously flooded.  But nonetheless, awesome.


So yes, I'm deep in the throes of writing this second book, and good Lord, is it a challenge!  That said, I owe deep thanks to those of you who expressed an interest in being featured -- I am stunned at the amazing stories that have come to me, of folks who lived (successfully!) one way, and then radically changed their ways of life for other successful, but far more fulfilling endeavours.  I cannot wait to share them with you. 

In addition, I need to get this book outline generally done, because I've been asked to speak at a conference that I'm thrilled to be a part of -- thrilled, I say! --  and I have no idea yet what I'm going to talk about.  So at some point I'm going to have to sit down and write something for that.  Sorry to be incredibly cryptic about this (because, dear God, I hate it when bloggers are cryptic), but I'm not sure if they've announced speakers, so I can't divulge anything quite yet.  Still, I wanted to explain my absence from blogging, since I'm seriously buried under here.  The good news is that I should be able to tell you about it very soon, because I'd love to see you there.


Finally, I do want to share something very exciting:  I was invited to submit a piece for Sheryl Sandberg's new site, Lean In.  Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, recently wrote a book called Lean In, about the dearth of women in leadership positions, and the necessity of women to "lean in," and take their place at the table.  My piece is about an event that happened over a decade ago, now that I think about it, and is a story that I shared on Chookooloonks many years ago as well, but it bore repeating.  I hope you enjoy it.


And with that, I'm putting my nose back to the grindstone (especially since I want to take a little break this afternoon and go with Marcus and Alex to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Have you seen it yet? I'm not a huge James Franco fan, but I still have high hopes for this film).  So bear with me if I'm absent for a few days -- more good things very soon, I promise.

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