looking for a place to lime


Hi, from San Antonio!

I'm here on a very quick road trip, doing a site visit for a potential venue for Lime Retreats (remember my retreat for lawyers?  We're getting ever closer to announcing a date, so stay tuned  -- on Facebook, too!).  While I'm here visiting hotels, and I also managed to take a walk down the Riverwalk, and had dinner with two really lovely friends. 

San Antonio is such a lovely, special place -- it's actually a pretty large city (7th most populous in the United States, 2nd most populous in Texas after Houston -- take that, Dallas!), but it still has a small town feel to it, while also steeped in Texas history.  And the Riverwalk is truly lovely.

Some favourite shots from this trip:


In the morning, I head back east to Houston. 

Thanks for the great time, San Antonio.

Incidentally, Path Finder, my online course, is filling up fast!  If you've already signed up, thank you so much.  So far, you're from all over the world, with all sorts of backgrounds and wonderful stories.  I can't wait for June 3rd when the course starts -- it promises to be fun, art-creating, mess-making time.

And if you haven't signed up, we'd love to have you.  Click here to learn more and to register now!