make light, episode 6: the hurricane harvey episode


We finally got to go back into our house today, and goodness, what a shock:  Hardwood floors buckled. Beds collapsed.  Clothing soaked.  Every single one of my journals - destroyed. Every bit of furniture gone. Filth everywhere -- and oh, the smell.  I spent the morning just sort of spinning in circles.  But then a crew of volunteers show up, and as I type, they're throwing all our damaged furniture out on our front lawn, and pulling down sheetrock, and just generally getting on with it.  And in weird way, it's actually sort of a relief.  It is time to move on.

It's also time to share this episode of Make Light, featuring some of the lessons I've learned (and continue to learn) from this entire experience.  It's a bit real-world (you'll hear our dog whimpering in the background -- Marcus and Alex had just left, and she's become really clingy since this whole ordeal began, bless her).  But hopefully there's some helpful tips there, especially for those of you who might be staring down the impending barrel of Hurricane Irma (may she suddenly veer off into the open sea, because I don't wish this on anyone.  Prayers for those affected in the Caribbean, especially those in Saint-Martin, for whom we have such recent fond memories -- we are praying for you all).

Click here or on the arrow below to listen (and for details on how you can help victims of Hurricane Harvey, be sure to check out the show notes).

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