make light, season 2, episode 9: standing in your values with mike reynolds


Mike Reynolds is a new friend who I met at the Dad 2.0 Summit this year, and instantly adored.  He's an artist and a writer, and I loved his thoughts on feminism, masculinity, and parenting.  Also?  He's a huge cross-stitch enthusiast -- how cool is that? 

So join us today as we talk about how he stands strong in his values, his love of cross-stitch, and why he has kids’ drawings all over his arms.

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I'm totally thinking of taking up cross-stitch because of Mike -- I've been scouting his patterns to figure out how to get started!   If you'd like to learn more about Mike, his cross-stitching, his cool t-shirts and even his awesome tattoos, be sure to click here to check out the show notes. 

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