marcus' trip to the puget sound


"You know, you really should come camping with me." 

"Yeah, that's not going to happen." 

"Karen, you would love it -- the fresh air! The nature!" 

"Dude, I can get all kinds of fresh air and nature without having to actually spend the night sleeping outside." 

"Nature is good for you." 

"Nature hates me. Besides, my parents sent me to college so I wouldn't have to sleep on the ground.  If you think about it, my going camping would be disrespectful to them."

Given my firm position on this matter, when Marcus was invited by our friend Jason to join him, his son and his brother-in-law on a camping/kayaking trip on the Puget Sound, he leapt at the chance.  They left about 2 weeks ago, and were gone for 5 days.  Needless to say, he had a blast.

Before he left, I asked him to take tons of photographs, and happily, he obliged.  Here are some of my favourites.


Gorgeous, right?  He does a much better job with scenery shots than I do, truth.

Incidentally, these were taken with a Samsung Galaxy camera that I was given to review late last year on  Because I don't generally use point-and-shoots (and I have an iPhone if I don't happen to have one of my cameras on me), I gave the camera to Marcus.

For the last 6 months, the man has been obsessed  with this camera.  And it's easy to see why:  every one of these shots came straight out of the camera -- they haven't been digitally processed at all.

So for the record, if you're ever in the mood for a point-and-shoot (and realizing that I haven't been paid to say this on my blog), this is truly the one to get.  I'm so impressed with it, seriously.

And on that note, have a wonderful weekend, friends. 


Song:  Good feeling by Reef.  Today's song brought to you by Marcus.