my alt summit presentation and a new about page photograph (8/365)

Yesterday I received an email from an organization for which I'm going to be a contributor, asking me to send them a new photo to accompany my bio.  Since I had just told everyone during my Alt Summit session that it was time for me to update my 4-year-old about page photo anyway, this afternoon I grabbed my camera and my shutter remote, and grabbed a few shots.

I chose the one above because it looked the most natural -- you know, for a woman smiling like a goon at nothing in particular, while home alone with a remote shutter in her off-camera hand.  

(Hey, at least I'm not wearing black.)

Incidentally, because I promised a few people that I would publish the slides from my talk, here they are.   Let no one say I'm not a woman of my word:  I may smile like a goon at nothing in particular, but my word, boy-howdy, is my bond.