my original creative superhero, and living a superhero life


Back in the olden days, when I was very new to blogging and was constantly combing the internet for inspiration, I stumbled upon the website of Andrea Scher.  Aside from the fact that she has one of the most arresting faces I'd ever seen (see Exhibit A, above), she's a talented photographer, and she made these wonderful necklaces called "Superhero necklaces" -- "you are your very own superhero," read the card that she would enclose with every one you purchased.

I bought several.

Two years after I started blogging, I attended my very first blogging conference.  And while I was standing alone, feeling rather intimidated by all the strangers milling around me, I felt a hand tap my shoulder.  I turned around, and there stood Andrea.

"Excuse me, are you Karen Walrond?"

"Yes! I am!"

"I've been wanting to meet you.  I'm Andrea Scher."

Can you believe?  She wanted to meet me! * 

I quickly learned, even as I was awed by her work, Andrea is one of the most unpretentious people I have ever met.  We became friends, and while I don't get to see her or speak to her nearly as often as I would like, she has been there during every critical life change I've been through during the last 6 years.  When I quit my job, she was on the phone with me for hours, and since she's also a certified life coach (seriously, there's very little this woman can't do), she would gently talk me through any issues I was struggling with, guiding me to come to my own conclusions and solutions.

And over and over again, she's proven to me that her saying -- you are your very own superhero -- is not just a pithy marketing catchphrase.  She really believes this of every person she meets.

So I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to share with you her brand new site, Superhero Life.  When she first shared a sneak peek of this new site with me, I literally screamed out loud, and picked up the phone to congratulate her.  This site is a perfect integration of all of the awesome sides of Andrea:  it's a community where she shares her gentle life-coaching skills,  her kick-ass photography skills, and tips for creative inspiration -- and that's just a start.  I couldn't be prouder.

So, you should go take a look -- a good look -- but before you do, leave a comment below.  I'll pick one person to win a spot in any one of Andrea's courses that you choose

Then, after you've done that, go leave a comment on Andrea's blog, and sign up to be on her mailing list -- she's giving away a DSLR camera, people.  A camera.  That's how awesome she is.

UPDATE:  According to, the winner of the Superhero Life course is Manisha, who said, "Thanks for sharing this, Karen! I can't wait to read more over there."  Congrats, Manisha!  Please email me at so I can get all your details! :)

And thanks everyone, for all of your comments -- I've passed along your very sweet words to Andrea

* She had remembered shipping some of her necklaces to a place called "Trinidad & Tobago," and had to look it up on a map. Ha!

SongBoa sorte (good luck) by Vanessa da Mata and Ben Harper.  Andrea is Ben's biggest fan -- and incidentally, she's wearing one of her Superhero necklaces in that picture.