#naphopomo 2013, day 28: thankful


I am immensely thankful ...

... that I live in a warm, safe home, with more than enough food to nourish myself and those I love.  I know that I am part of a very small minority on the planet who can say this, and it's becoming an increasingly important personal and professional goal to figure out how I can help change these statistics.  

... for Marcus and Alex. They both have many wonderful traits, but the one I most value in each of them is their unfailing kindness, not just to me, but to everyone around them.  They are both the kindest people I've ever known, and that they're also my family makes me an incredibly lucky person.

... for friends who I can text or call within a moment's notice, and know without a doubt that inside of 5 minutes I'll be weak with laughter.  Everyone should have someone in their lives who can make them weak with laughter on command.  I'm quite lucky to have a few of these people in mine.

... for family members, both blood-related and soul-related, who are willing to throw open the doors of their homes or fly insanely long distances to celebrate good times and good things with us.  I'm also thankful for those who, if they're unable to do this, still make sure we know that we're on their minds and in their thoughts, nonetheless.  Knowing that we have many people who sincerely have our backs, no questions asked, is more comforting than I can express.

On this grateful note, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Wherever in the world you are, whether you celebrate or not, here's wishing you a mindful moment of peace, joy and thankfulness today.


This photograph was taken as part of #NaPhoPoMo (National Photo Posting Month) -- a shot a day for the month of November.   You should join me:  it's a lesson in stopping and looking, improving your photography skills, and appreciating the beauty and light around you. 

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