#naphopomo 2013, day 30: the end (which, of course, we will celebrate with a giveaway!)


Well!  Today is officially the last day of #NaPhoPoMo -- how did you guys do?  I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed the practice:  I honestly thought it was going to be a ton of work, but since I decided to cut myself a break and not write a long post with each image if I didn't want to, I was able to just focus on the photography -- a nice little departure from the usual.  The process reminded me of a few things:

1.  As long as the light's good, anything can be pretty.  It's really all about the light. I've been reminded not to rush to take a photo if the light isn't right.

2.  Some of the most ordinary moments are quite extraordinary.  Because I was determined to share a photo every day, I was forced to stop and look every day -- and sometimes, like in the photo of Rufus, below, instead of me having the find the moment, the moment came running to me.

3.  Because the shot is particular to each life, each photo is exotic.  This was really brought home to me as I scanned through your lovely images over the month -- many times, I'd think how amazing it would be to be where you are!  And yet, I suspect for many of you, the shot felt quite ordinary to take.  There's something, however, about seeing a collection of photos of daily life -- it's very connecting, don't you think?

So thank you all for participating and playing along with me this month -- it's been so fun.  For the record, here are some personal favourites of mine that I took over the month ...


... and now it's your turn.

If you participated in NaPhoPoMo (even if you didn't quite get all 30 days), please leave me a link to your favourite shots in the images below.  I'll upload this post with your links; in addition, I'll pick one commenter at random to win a subscription to 3191 Quarterly.

A little backstory:  3191 Miles Apart is one of the first photoblogs I followed back in the day.  Created by photographers Maria Alexandra Vettese (who lives in Portland, Maine) and Stephanie Congdon Barnes (who lives 3191 miles away in Portland, Oregon), the earlier version of this site was comprised of a daily diptych:  each morning, Stephanie and Maria would take a photograph of their daily lives and it would be published.  The result was a beautiful illustration of everyday moments that resonated, no matter where in the world they are.

In 2010, Maria and Stephanie started a quarterly magazine -- I fact I just discovered this week.  I'll be purchasing a 2014 subscription for myself, and I want to pick up one for one of you, as well.

So yes, please leave me a comment with a link to your favourite NaPhoPoMo photos.  I'll update this post on December 7, 2013 with a winner.


click the links below to see favourite shots by naphopomo participants:

Laura Scarborough 
Francine Clouden
Mandi | No Apathy Allowed 
Xanthe Berkeley 
Marcela Amaya 
Gillian @GlobalBookshelf  
Catherine McManus 
Briana Carrion  
Daphne Unfeasible 
Beth Blair  
crystal moody  


update, december 7, 2013:

Thanks to random.org, the winner of the subscription to 3191 Quarterly is Frida!  Keep an eye out for my email, Frida, so I can get your snail-mail address.

And thanks again to all of you for participating in this.  We'll do it again next year, yes?

and of course, there's some awesome from some very cool naphopomo sponsors ...


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Thanks again for playing along, everyone.  We should do it again next year, don't you think?

(Don't forget to leave a comment with a link to your favourite shot, below!)