#naphopomo day 30: a new season begins

I can't believe it:  I blogged for 30 days straight.  We're gonna call #naphopomo a success, yes?

With that, I'm going to dive completely into the last month of the year -- blogging and Instagramming when the mood takes me, for sure, but otherwise focusing my energy offline.  Thanks so much for playing along with me this month, friends.  

It's officially the Christmas season 'round these parts: time for shortbread cookies, Santa's Slays, and cheesy Christmas movies.  And I'm going to make the most of it.  Here's hoping your end-of-year is equally full of fun, joy and light.


Soundtrack:  All I Want for Christmas, as performed by that cute kid in Love, Actually.  Because Love, Actually is absolutely the best of of the cheesy Christmas movies.