national photography month, and the beauty of different worldwide virtual photo exhibit


Last week, I learned that May is National Photography Month, as recognized by the United States Congress in 1987 (who knew?).  I decided that I couldn't let this month go by without doing something to celebrate the amazing photographic talent that I know so many of you share every day.

And so, I decided to put together a virtual photo exhibit, featuring your awesome work.  Please go take a look at the beautiful images that have been shared so far, and if you'd like to submit one of your favourite images, there's a form to do so easily. 

But that's not all!

To celebrate your wonderful photography skills (and further entice you shutterbugs to submit to our little exhibit), my sweet friend Maile, the amazing creative mind behind Epiphanie Bags, has offered to one lucky submitter a bag of his/her choice.  So in June, I'll pick one of the submissions at random to win a bag (and just in case you men out there think you're not included, please note that Maile now offers mens' camera bags, and they're awesome.  Marcus actually uses one of them every day for work, and he loves it.).

Go take a look, friends, and if you've got a photograph in your archives that you think belongs in the exhibit, please submit it.  I can't wait to see what you share.

SongPicture of my life by Jamiroquai

UPDATED, JUNE 3RD:  Thanks so much for all of your submissions, friends!  The final result of our gallery is just beautiful -- check it out!  And now, for the winner of the Epiphanie bag:  Kizz Robinson, whose beautiful image of a woman's hand mailing a postcard in Florence, Italy is just beautiful.

Thanks again, everyone for sharing your beautiful work.  Your images will remain published until next year, when we do it again!

By the way -- part of the reason there's so much beauty in the world is because there's so much beauty in you.  If you want a clearer view into exactly what that beauty is, consider joining us for Path Finder.  Registration is open now, but closes in just a couple of weeks ... we'd love to have you.