on curating beauty

 "I think up until that point, I operated under the assumption that life was something that just happened to me:  that good things and bad things happen, and my mettle or strength of character were measured based on the way in which I handled the circumstances.  To some extent, of course, this is true:  often events occur in our lives that are completely out of our control.  But -- and this is the startling part -- I realized that for the rest of the time, I can, in large part, curate it ... " 

Over at the Lime Blog, I'm sharing my thoughts on making good happen.  I'd love if you'd pop over and take a look.

(And remember, the early bird registration for the LimeLight Sessions ends this week -- and there are only 3 spots left.  If you'd like to join me in October, please sign up soon!)


Song:  Set adrift on memory bliss by PM Dawn.  Man, whatever happened to them?