on the move


It's been lovely being at home for the last few months, but my travel season is picking up again, starting this week.  I have such a weird relationship with travel:  I love going to new places (or even old, favourite places), and I really love visiting places that are on the other side of the Earth from where I live ...

... but Sweet Mother of Gumby, I hate flying. I really do.

Just me?

Anyway, here's what's up:

•  I'm going to be at the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City this weekend -- will any of you be there?  If so, I hope you'll tap me on the shoulder and say hi. I'd love to meet you.

•  I have several more trips that are coming up, but there's one I'm particularly excited about I want to share with you.  I've been feeling really stagnant in my photography lately -- like I've not been evolving in any way.  The problem is that I've been able to find a photography course I felt offered anything that would stretch me in ways I wanted to be stretched.

Never, that is, until my friend Maile turned me on to the art photography of Brooke Shaden.  Her stuff is seriously surreal, and completely unlike anything I've ever shot in my life -- and something inside me totally stirred.  I think her work is beautiful, and while I have no concrete goals of starting any fine art photography, I have to think that the workshops she offers are going stretch me in all kinds of new, awesome ways.

Maile and I have bitten the bullet and signed up for the Dallas one in March.  This will be the first formal photography course I've ever taken, and I'm wildly excited.

•  Over at StyleUnited, I've shared what my happy spot looks like. What you don't have a happy spot?  Dude. You gotta get you one.

•  Finally, I have received a car-trunk-full of soap for the Houston Area Women's Center from you guys -- thank you so much.  I will be delivering it all at the end of next week when I get back from Salt Lake City -- so if you haven't sent any, and would like to send some more, please feel free to send standard-size bars of bath soap to the following address:

Karen Walrond
Chookooloonks Media LLC
650 W. Bough, Suite 150-108
Houston, Texas 77024

And again, thank you.  I've already told the Center that I'll be dropping it off next week, and they're so thrilled and grateful.

See you soon.

SongBetter tomorrow by Dan the Automator.  Thanks to the brilliant Josh Cagan for the musical inspiration.