on the road again

So, many of you are probably familiar with my friend Brené Brown, a researcher and New York Times bestselling author on the subjects of courage and worthiness (if you've not yet been introduced to her work, her first TED talk is a great way to get to know her).  Well, this week, I'm back in central Texas, attending training in her Daring Way™ curriculum on my way to becoming a certified facilitator in Brené's work in shame, vulnerability, courage and worthiness.  

This is pretty exciting for me, since I anticipate that what I learn in this training is going to expand my own work on self-empowerment, self-determination and diversity in huge ways -- helping to further bridge my past corporate life as a lawyer and executive, and my current life as an author and creative, providing even more business workshops to executives and attorneys.  Needless to say, I'll be updating you as my work expands and develops.

San Antonio might be my favourite Texas city, so I'll be sure to share some images of this lovely town on Instagram and Facebook during my time here.  I also plan on blogging, so I won't be far.*   But in the meantime, have a great week, friends.


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