one day at a time


"'Better' is good.  I will take 'better' every time."

~  Former U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking at a global health event hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Our days are still so erratic -- dealing with insurance adjusters and banks and the damage to our home, on top of our normal day-to-day lives of working and going to school and doing volleyball practice and so on.  As a result, I find I have no idea what day it is, at any given moment.   It just dawned on me yesterday that it has been almost a month since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, not just two weeks ago; similarly, I've only just noticed that it's been a full week since I've checked in here.  

So, hi!  

Things are progressing ... slowly, but surely.  Everyone keeps telling us that dealing with something like this "is a marathon, and not a sprint" -- so while I'd love to say that we're already back in our house and I'm completely over everything that has happened, the truth is that our house is a total loss, so rebuilding is going to take some time (a year? Maybe more?).  There was a rainstorm earlier this week that I got caught in that resulted in me having a (surprisingly cathartic) meltdown, but now that I've gotten some of the emotion out (it was the first time that I'd actually cried since it all had happened), I actually feel better.  I'm slowly getting back to work, meeting with clients about speaking gigs (and even booking a little one with PBS Newshour out of the blue -- did you see it when it aired?), so it feels good to be productive.  Both Marcus' and my cars were totaled, but our insurance company worked fast (holla, Progressive!), so we're in the process of replacing our vehicles now.  By the time next week rolls around, we'll hopefully have what little we could salvage from the house in storage, and the interior of the house completely demo'd (sheetrock and hardwoods and cabinets all ripped out of the house and discarded), so we'll be ready for next steps.

Ever forward.  And while it doesn't feel accurate to say that things are "good," things are definitely better.  And as Obama says, better is good.  In some cases, really good.

So, that catches you up.  How have you all been?  Tell me something good.


Soundtrack:  Wake me up by Avicii