only one of us is leaving here alive


I'm fighting a cold.

Well, to be honest, I don't actually have a cold.  But I do have one of those hints of a sore throat, a hint of a headache, a slightly feverish feeling -- those little nagging discomforts that sort of tap you on the shoulder and whisper in your ear:

"You're not sick ...


So it. is. on.

I can't afford to get sick, because I have a big weekend ahead of me.  So for the last few days, I've popped so many Vitamin C and Zicam pills that if you shook me, I'd rattle.  I've been mainlining tea and hot soup.  

And after some spicy udon for lunch today (with extra pepper and chicken), I'm off to take a nap.

'Cause I am not going out like this.

Song:  Mama said knock you out by LL Cool J. Because this lady loves Cool James.

Karen Walrond4 Comments