other places i've been (around the web)


Popping in quickly just to say that it hasn't been all wine and roses ... er, mustard ... around here:   I've been really busy other places as well:

  • "There's really no purpose to having gifts unless you're willing to give them away."  Over at StyleUnited, I'm discussing the beauty of giving back -- especially when you figure out how to use your superpowers to do it.

  • "But had I done so, how would I have legitimately explained why bullying and being pointedly mean to people is a bad thing, when so many wealthy, good-looking people on stage are doing it for a living, to apparently great success?"  On Babble, I'm talking about the Oscars and bullying, and why I think that humiliation as entertainment isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  UPDATE:  And as an antidote to that post, here's a new one that will restore your faith in humanity, I promise.

  • And because I was bored and realized I had all these playlists just lying around, I created a new playlist pageone stop shopping for playlists for every mood,  including one I just did for my daughter's impending birthday.  (A warning -- 80% of that birthday playlist consists of songs I would never choose for myself, so if you generally have similar musical tastes to mine, you will likely be very disappointed in that one.  However, your tweenage girl will love it, so you might want to keep it in mind for any kid's parties you might be throwing in the near future.)

  • Back when I was in college, I learned to code in BASIC.  (Those of you who are developers just fell back in your chairs laughing, at (a) the memory that there was even a language called "BASIC," and (b) how old I must therefore be.)  More recently, when I began blogging, I taught myself rudimentary HTML.  Though this is my total experience in coding, I actually love doing it -- it appeals to the engineer in me.  However, it was only when my friend Roxanna shared the video below on her Facebook page that I suddenly saw coding a form of artistic expression -- and suddenly, I want to learn it in earnest (or at least look for a summer camp in coding for Alex).  Take a look:

In other news, I picked up a roll of Hasselblad film that I shot while I was in California.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out -- I'll share the results tomorrow.

SongBeauty in the world by Macy Gray