If this weekend had a one-word theme, it would be OUTDOORS.  We spent an inordinate amount of time outside -- we played around in the garden, we hung out in my parents' backyard, and we ate almost every one of our meals at home on our own patio.  This might not seem unusual to many of you, but here in Houston, where the humidity is generally unbearable for most of the year, spending any time outside is a rarity.

But this weekend the humidity dropped, and it was bliss.

Though I don't know that we did less this weekend than any other weekend (in fact, we might have done more), the last 3 days felt amazingly relaxing.  I had forgotten how restorative the outdoors is.  Here's hoping for a few more weekends like this one, before the Houston summer comes on in earnest.

Happy Monday, friends.


Song:  I got the feelin' by James Brown.  There was also an inordinate amount of James Brown out on the patio.