quiet progress

Yesterday, I bought a slow cooker.  I've had one that I rarely used -- it still worked, but it was a gift from my mother when Reagan was still president of the United States, so, you know -- not exactly the latest model.

Anyway, I went out and bought one.  And I made chili.   And if I say so myself, it was really good.

Because I'm not well-versed in slow-cooker cooking, making the chili was sort of novel for me:  I love that the prep only took about 20 minutes or so, and then once the cooker was started, slowly, over the course of the day, a meal happened.  The rest of our day felt the same:  as house slowly filled with the aroma of chili, Alex got her homework done.  Marcus got in a 40-mile trail ride on his bike.  And me, I got everything that I needed to get together for our accountant to do our taxes.

A slow, leisurely day where a lot got done.

Hope your weekend is going well too, friends.


(And incidentally, if you have any good slow-cooker recipes, I'd love to hear them -- I think I'm ready to learn all about the magic of the crock pot.)