random thoughts: on rebirth


Last year, Houston went through about 8 months where we saw very little rain.  It was the worst drought in years:  Houston is expected to lose up to 66 million trees, and our largest urban park, the woodsy Memorial Park, has been at risk for losing up to 80% of its trees.  We live in a pretty forested area of town, and let me tell you, it's been a pretty depressing scene:  for months it's been dead, brown trees everywhere you looked.

But this year, we've had several bouts of rain, and suddenly, there's green:  trees that I would've sworn were a lost cause are sprouting leaves, and flowers are blooming everywhere.  Spring has sprung, and it's really lovely:


I don't mean to imply that the greenery in Houston or Texas has completely rebounded -- because really, nothing could be farther from the truth -- but honestly, seeing these changes, however small they may be, is really heartening.  It's a testament to the resilience of nature.

And if trees can bounce back after extreme hardship, well ... maybe there's a lesson there, is what I'm saying.

Song:  Rebirth of slick (cool like dat) by Digable Planets


Speaking of spring, now's a great time to discover your beautiful Different.  And to that end, registration for Path Finder is now open - class starts Monday, March 26th. Please go take a look!