scenes from the weekend: no turning back now, and your amazing crockpot recipes


This weekend, we:

•  moved our family room and half of our kitchen into our living room;
•  ripped up the floors in our family room
•  bought kitchen cabinets and had them delivered
•  went floor shopping, and may have possibly decided which floors we're going to go with (but we're not entirely sure yet).

It appears that there's absolutely no turning back now.  We still have to move the rest of our kitchen out (and set up a makeshift kitchen in our laundry room, with a kettle and crock pot and toaster), but we're officially living in 1/2 of our home -- so things are very cozy.  Rufus, bless him, is completely bewildered by what's going on, and sometimes just stands staring at me while violently trembling.  But even though we haven't actually begun, it feels like we're making progress, the dog will get over it, and the prospect of cooking Christmas (or dare we hope, Thanksgiving?) dinner in a kitchen where I don't have to duck under cabinets to see our guests is pretty exciting to contemplate.

But Monday, it will be time to start packing for Ethiopia; something  I really haven't begun to do yet, and I'm sorely behind.  Then more kitchen-moving.

Ever forward.

* * * * * * * *

So last week, after Cindy suggested the awesome idea of crock pot cooking while we're without a kitchen (inspired!), I took to Twitter to see if anyone had any ideas for good crock pot recipes.  I have a very old crockpot that I've only ever used to make chili, so any and all recipes were welcome.

Boy, what a response!  I thought I'd share all the amazing recipes that you sent me here, so that everyone can share in all this amazing crock-pot knowledge.  And the best part?  Many of them are 140 characters or less, baby!

From @hillarywith2Ls (with variations, including substituting Rotel tomatoes or taco seasoning, or adding onions and peppers from Midget Invasion, LaurenJess): 

chicken breast + jar of salsa on low for 6 hours = shredded chicken perfect for tacos, quesadillas, salad, etc

From Jess:

How about beef stroganoff? Beef stew meat, pkg mushrooms, stroganoff seasoning, noodles & sour cream at the end.

From Francine:

Brown sugar and balsamic glazed pork loin


My pinterest board of crockpot recipes!

From Dawn:

1c soy sauce, 1/2 c honey, 2T chopped garlic, 1T sesame oil, 3T ketchup, pour over chicken, 4hrs low, serve w rice


Tomato soup- can each of crushed & diced tomatoes, 4c chicken broth, 2c half & half, handful shredded basil, garlic, parmesan


Beer cheese potato soup- 12 oz beer, 4c chicken broth, 4c mashed potatoes, garlic, 12 oz shredded smoked cheese, S&P


pour apricot preserves mixed w/ dijon, EVOO, garlic, white wine & soy sauce over chicken, 6 hrs on low, serve w/ rice

From Kate:

crock pot chicken curry. The coconut rice is yummy but i’ve served over plain rice too

From Laurie:

I like to do pork tenderloin or brisket, but make it up as I go. Throw some wine/garlic/onion/soy sauce in & simmer, baby.

From the Alt Summit:

ham roast in c pot for 5-7 hrs. add nothing. shred. serve w bagels and crm chez

From Stephanie Bice:

French dip sandwiches

From Liz (aka The Wife):

3lb pork or beef roast, 1 tbsp onion flakes, 2 tbsp soy sauce, & 1 can whole berry cranberry sauce on top. Low 6-8 hrs. Yum!

From Helen Jane

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup


Barbecue pork on a bun


This recipe has the word Lively in the title. Also! I used to draw things! Slow cooker short ribs with a lively Gremolata

From Mrs. Commoner:

big hunk of pork, couple a bottles if beer, some powdered garlic. Low for 8 hours. Shred, and pour BBQ sauce. Love me forever

From Cindy:

Black bean and sweet potato vegetarian chili. It's yum.

And finally, from Mrs. Pitt (and many others!):

I have just the thing for you! 365 days of crock pot: A Year of Slow Cooking

I have to admit, I'm a bit gobsmacked by all of these recipes -- thank you!  These look amazing, and I suspect many will end up in regular rotation even after we have a kitchen again.

You guys have saved my life.  THANK YOU.

SongOur house by Madness.  Because our house actually is in the middle of our street.