sharing some love (as a thank you)


Thank you so much for your wonderful words, friends -- both in the comments on my post yesterday, as well as the many personal emails I received throughout the day.   The truth: I was highly nervous about hitting publish on that post, since I had only told very few people about what I had in mind; however, the response has been great (to my delight), and I've already had dozens of lawyers sign up expressing interest in Lime.  You've been incredibly encouraging, and I'm so motivated to make this as awesome as I possible can.  So thank you so much for being so kind, and for spreading the word.

In exchange for your awesome, here are a few lovely things I've found around the internet that you may enjoy.

Re:Connect.  Registration for Path Finder closed yesterday (thanks to all of you who signed up -- you should've received your first official pre-start email this morning!), but if you missed registration, this might be of interest:  my sweet friend, artist Mati McDonough (who is also the author of this lovely book) and her business partner, Willo O'Brien, have collaborated to create Re:Connect, an ecourse to help you get "more clarity around what you want, more peace in your body, and more passion in all areas of your life."  The course features wonderful contributors like my friends Helen Jane Hearn, Marianne Elliott, and Jen Louden, making it even more fantastic.  I've already signed up to receive more information about when it launches, and thought you might want to as well.

The making of "Stick Around."  David Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from Austin, whose music has an incredibly bluesy feel. He recently released the music video of one of his latest songs, Stick Around, which has this amazing feel -- you can watch it here (and my, you should, it's lovely).

The photographer/videographer was Houston artist Ryan Booth, and God bless him, he wrote about the entire creative process of making the video here.  I love that he got the shot almost by accident -- I think there's a lesson there for all of us.

France-Nepal.  My friend Irène Nam (one-half of the amazing duo behind the beautiful photoblog London vs. Paris) did this most awesome thing:  she hooked up kids from a French elementary school with kids from a Nepali elementary school and gave them all disposable cameras and a mission:  to capture specific images of their daily lives.  The images were displayed so that the beauty and the contrasts of the different cultures could easily be seen -- and in the process, the kids raised more than $6,500 to bring clean water to the Nepali school and surrounding community of over 300 people.

The images are amazing.  You should definitely take a look.

-  Also, this is not a photograph.  And therefore, my mind is officially completely blown.

-  And finally, for today's song, I'd die without you by P.M. Dawn.  Remember them?  Boy, I used to love them.

(Thanks again, everyone.  Your words meant more than you know, really-really.)