showing up (or, how can I help?)


Yesterday evening, I pulled out my journal for the first time in weeks. I'd been reading some pretty great stuff during the day (from various sources) and I wanted to get my thoughts about what I'd read down on paper before I forgot it.  I almost felt like my journaling muscle had atrophied a little; but it was good to get back at it.

Now that May is over (read: I'm finished with my insane travel schedule for now), I have the opportunity to get back to my daily work here at Chookooloonks, and one of the things that I'd like to focus on is creating an e-newsletter that goes out -- maybe on a weekly, or even an every-other-week basis.  But unlike most other newsletters that I've received myself that seem to be solely focused on promoting the work of the author, I'd like this newsletter to serve you -- be something beautiful that also contains information that you would like, so that you don't groan when it shows up in your inbox, but rather, it's something that you'd look forward to.

To that end, if you were to receive a personal message from me periodically, how can I make it worth your while?  Would you like to receive ...

  • Photography tips?
  • Journaling prompts?
  • Image downloads for desktop wallpaper, or smartphone wallpaper?
  • Music playlists?
  • Something else?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  And if this sounds like something you might be interested in receiving, click here to join the Chookooloonks community.  Of course I'll keep your email address a secret, and treat your sharing it with me with the kind of care that you'd hope I would.