#tbt: friendship in the ethiopian countryside

October 2012, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

October 2012, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

That was such a great trip:  a bunch of women from all different backgrounds and interests and passions and hometowns getting together to celebrate successes in a country on the other side of the planet, and learn how we can help create even more successes by using our talents to do so.    

Sometimes it's nice to remember that this sort of thing is possible.

Incidentally, you should get to know these women.  They're doing amazing things.


Standing, Left to Right:

Alice Currah, food blogger and author of Savory Sweet Life

Kelly Wickham Hurst, educator and founder of Being Black at School, a movement for equity and safety of black students

Asha Dornfest, community builder and author of ParentHacks (my go-to baby shower gift)

Liz Gumbinner, blogger and founder of Cool Mom Picks

Rana DiOrio, founder of Little Pickle Press, a media company focused on entertaining children while imbuing qualities such as kindness, bravery, honesty, empathy, and patience.

Michelle Pannell, blogger at Mummy from the Heart

Diana Prichard, photographer and farmer at Prichard Farms, and blogger at Righteous Bacon


Seated, Left to Right:

Gabrielle Blair, blogger at DesignMom and co-founder of Alt Summit, a conference for creative entrepreneurs

Christine Koh, blogger behind Boston Mamas, and the creative of Brave New World Designs, gorgeous advocacy-oriented t-shirts

Cathleen Falsani, religion and faith journalist and author

Maya Haile, international model and activist