#tbt: lessons on joy, redux


Soca and I have taken to sitting at the front door of the apartment where we're staying to watch the sunset.  I usually have a glass of wine, and we watch the changing light while waiting for Marcus and Alex to get home. It's becoming a wonderfully peaceful little time.

Although I thought this was a new little habit, it turns out that I used to do this out our old house, as well -- and I wrote about it.  So today, I thought I'd share these thoughts from a year ago, because they still ring true.  (And I may even get those walk-in closets, now.)

Earlier this afternoon, a friend posted a photograph from inside of her home -- just a simple picture of her mantel.  But still, I noticed that her caption contained a considerable amount of joy.

So I sent her a private message. "Are you happy?"

And she responded:

"I am. I'm feeling more settled and secure in life than I have in a long time."

That's the kind of thing that you want to hear your friend say.  It can be enough to make your day, really.

Also earlier in the day, a friend pinged me on Facebook, and shared a story of a person who was living the kind of life that I dreamed of.  So I said as much.

"Oh please," he answered immediately.  "You already have your dream life."

I started to protest -- I got ready to say how much lovelier life could be with more money, or a beautiful home (with actual walk-in closets!) overlooking the ocean, or being able to travel the world in a private jet -- and then I realized that I didn't believe that for a minute.  The truth is, my quiet little life with Marcus and Alex here in the suburbs of Houston is enough.  More than enough, even.

So I admitted he was right.

So around 6:30 tonight, sitting outside, having a glass of wine on the curb in front of my house, on the first sunny evening we've had in a while, it was great to remind myself to take a minute and note when things are good, even for the fleeting moment.  Because sometimes that can be more than enough to get you through your day.

Wishing you a moment of peace and contentment, friends.