texture, colour & light

For the last couple of years, I've noticed a trend in photography -- a sort of clean, minimalist, bright-white style.  Like this.  Or this.  Or even this.  I love it. I love the stark light, the clean lines, the simplicity of it.  

And I can't do it for the life of me.

Every time I put a camera in my hands, and try to capture a clean, minimalist shot it just doesn't feel right.  I automatically turned toward something with obvious texture, bright colour or moody light.  It's the same with my house, actually:  I look at bright houses in muted tones and clean lines and I covet them, and yet my own house is filled with furniture and tchotchkes with bright colours, or carved wood, or tarnished patinas -- and some of these things were purchased brand-new that way too.  I can't help it:  maybe it's because I think texture and colour and light (particularly moody light) hint at a story.  A history.  Some sort of mystery.

And I'm a sucker for mysterious historical story.

Anyway, my point is that try as I might, I can't shoot what doesn't feel right.  For 2016, it's a lesson that I'm taking to other, non-photographic aspects of my life as well.

Hope you guys had a wonderful end-of-year.  Here's to a year where we do what feels right.

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Soundtrack:  First train home by Imogen Heap