that thing about home


In a few weeks my travel schedule ramps up, and I'm going to be going great guns pretty much until November.  For this reason, I've been in a very nesting mood these days, focusing on home and family.  In fact, yesterday morning after dropping Alex off at school, I came home, made myself a giant mug of coffee, and crawled back in bed to watch a movie, just because.  It was decadent and just what I needed. (For the record, I watched Glengarry Glen Ross.  I loved it.)

This weekend, the nesting continues.   And since I'm so focused on home these days, I thought I'd share this lovely little story from my friend Jenifer, describing the first days when she and her family recently moved into a new home.

story of the day:  home from not-calm (dot com) 

"We've been in our new house for six weeks, or maybe for always, given that I don't really think about living anywhere else.  We (ok *I*) still have just a few boxes to unpack.  We all mostly know where all the kitchen stuff goes.  I'm used to the new sounds (favorite sounds coming from outside are: the neighbor's dog when it has one of its squeaky toys, the shrill ripply chirps of the hummingbirds that are nearly always out there, the same train whistle I could hear from my old place).  I know how the light comes in the windows at different times of the day.  I've finally stopped walking into end tables and dressers, so the bruises on my thighs and upper arms are disappearing.  I can walk to the kitchen in the dark of night for a glass of water."  (read more)

And on that note,  a great weekend, friends.